Kinetics/Reactor Design Interactive Simulations

Our CDF simulations can be downloaded and used offline with the Wolfram CDF plug-in. They are also available on the Wolfram Demonstration Project website. Please contact us at if you identify problems with any of the simulations or if you have suggestions for simulations we might prepare.

Batch/Semibatch Reactors

Scale-Up of a Batch Reactor

Batch Reactors at Constant Volume or Constant Pressure

Selectivity in a Semibatch Reactor

Batch Reactor with Multiple Reactions

Series Reactions in a Batch Reactor

Polymerization in a Batch Reactor

Isothermal Flow Reactors

Pressure Drop in a PBR using Ergun Equation

Why Density Cannot Be Ignored
in a PFR

Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor with Recycle

Multiple States in an Isothermal CSTR

Membrane Reactor for an Equilibrium-Limited Reaction

Minimized Volume for Reactors in Series

Langmuir-Hinshelwood Reaction in a PFR

Reactor Design Economics

Reactor Rate and Conversion versus Space Velocity

Volumetric Flow Rates in a PFR

Non-Isothermal Flow Reactors

Adiabatic Plug Flow Reactor with Recycle

Autothermal Reactor

CSTR that Loses Cooling

Sensitivity of a PFR to Model Parameters

Effect of Tube Diameter on Plug Flow Reactor

Reversible Reaction in an Adiabatic Plug Flow Reactor

Plug Flow Reactor with Heat Transfer Jacket

Multiple Steady States in a CSTR

Multiple Steady States in a CSTR
with Heat Exchange

Concurrent & Countercurrent Cooling in Tubular Reactors with Exothermic Chemical Reactions

Prepared by Clay Gruesbeck

Parametric Sensitivity of PFR with Heat Exchange


Inhibition of Enzyme Reactions in CSTR and Batch Reactor

Operating a Chemostat (Continuous Stirred-Tank Bioreactor)

Pharmacokinetic Modeling

Enzyme Inhibition Kinetics


Langmuir Isotherms for a Binary Mixture

Temperature-Programmed Desorption

Diffusion and Reaction in a Catalyst Pellet

Construct a Conversion-Temperature Diagram for a Reversible
Adiabatic Reaction