Thermodynamics II Interactive Simulations
Simulations whose names are in blue will play in most browsers, but most were programmed in Mathematica, and the CDF versions, which can be downloaded, are significantly faster and can be used offline with the Wolfram CDF plug-inThe QUIZ simulations follow a step-by-step procedure that requires user input.  Most simulations are also available at Wolfram Demonstration Project. Contact us at with questions or suggestions.

Multi-Component VLE for Ideal Solutions

P-x-y and T-x-y Diagrams for
Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium

T-x-y and x-y Diagrams for
Binary VLE in Flash Drum

Adding One Component to a
Binary VLE Mixture

Adding a Second Component to a
Single-Component VLE Mixture

Adding a Second Component to a Fixed-Volume Container

Adiabatic Flash Drum with
Binary Liquid Feed

Osmotic Pressure
Prepared by S. M. Blinder

Mass Balances for Binary Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium (VLE)

Lever Rule Applied to the Benzene-Toluene Vapor Pressure Diagram

Prepared by L. M. Goss/modified by R. Baumann

Gibbs Phase Rule for One- and
Two-Component Systems

Prepared by S. M. Blinder

Pressure-Temperature Diagram for Binary Mixture

Flash Distillation of a Benzene, Toluene, p-Xylene Mixture
Prepared by H. Binous, M. Al-Harthi, and B. G. Higgins

Construct P-x-y Diagram
for VLE

Construct T-x-y Diagram
for VLE

Visualization of Vapor-Liquid
Equilibrium in a Binary Mixture

Multi-Component VLE for Non-Ideal Solutions

Partial Molar Enthalpy

Three Intermolecular Potential Models

Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Diagram
for Non-Ideal Mixture

Non-Ideal VLE Modeled by
the Margules Equation

Basic Ternary Phase Diagram

Add a Component to a Mixture
with an Azeotrope

Henry's Law for Gases
Dissolved in Water

Heating Water and Air in a
Sealed Container

DePriester Chart for Hydrocarbons

Vapor Pressure of Binary Solutions

Prepared by S. M. Blinder

Partial Molar Enthalpy and Entropy Quiz

Fugacity and Chemical Potential

Fugacities in an Ideal Binary Mixture

Fugacities in a Can of Soda

Chemical Potential Dependence
on Temperature & Pressure

Fugacity as a Driving Force for Mass Transfer

Fugacity Dependence on Pressure in an Ideal Binary Mixture

Single-Component Fugacity

Identify Chemical Potential Plots

Partially Miscible and Immiscible Solutions

Vapor-Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium (VLLE)

Partially Miscible Liquids

Immiscible Liquids on Pressure-Composition Diagram

Temperature Composition Diagram for Immiscible Liquids

Solid-Solid-Liquid Equilibrium

Ternary Phase Diagram with Phase Envelope

Ternary Phase Diagram with
Alternate Phase Envelope

Lever Rule for the Uranium-Titanium Solid-Liquid Phase Diagram

Prepared by L. M. Goss/modified by R. Baumann

Right and Equilateral Triangle
Ternary Phase Diagrams

Effect of Temperature on Partial Miscibility

Construct P-x-y Diagram
for Immiscible Liquids

Construct T-x-y Diagram
for Immiscible Liquids
Draw Liquid-Liquid Equilibria
Designed by T. Bánsági & T. L. Rodgers
Created by T. Bánsági

Reaction Equilibrium

Chemical Equilibrium in the
Haber Process

Heterogeneous Chemical Equilibrium

Reversible Reaction in an
Adiabatic Plug Flow Reactor

Gas-Phase Chemical Equilibrium at Constant Pressure or Constant Volume

High-Pressure Chemical Equilibrium

Prepared by H. Binous

Construct a Conversion-Temperature Diagram for a Reversible
Adiabatic Reaction