Volumetric Flow Rates in a Plug Flow Reactor

This Demonstration shows how the reaction stoichiometry affects the volumetric flow rate in an isothermal, constant-pressure, plug flow reactor by following a control volume (initially 10 mL of A) through the reactor. In the gas phase reaction A → nB, the reactant A is blue and the product B is green. Use the buttons to change the reaction stoichiometry n and reaction order. Use the slider to change the reactor pressure. The rate constants are chosen so that the initial rates are the same for all orders at 10-bar pressure. The inlet velocity is fixed at 1.4 cm/s, independent of pressure, so the feed molar flow rates change when pressure changes. Click the "Play" button to run the reaction and click the "Reset" button to start over. The volumetric flow rate is shown below the reactor, and the change in the 10-mL inlet volume is shown above the reactor.

Download the CDF file to view the simulation using the free Wolfram CDF player.