Separations Interactive Simulations

Simulations whose names are in blue will play in most browsers, but most were programmed in Mathematica, and the CDF versions, which can be downloaded, are significantly faster and can be used offline with the Wolfram CDF plug-inThe QUIZ simulations follow a step-by-step procedure that requires user input.  Most simulations are also available at Wolfram Demonstration Project. Contact us at with questions or suggestions.

Binary Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium

Mass Balances for Binary Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium (VLE)

Pxy and Txy Diagrams for Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium (VLE)

Adding One Component to a Binary Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium (VLE) Mixture

Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Diagram
for Non-Ideal Mixture

Non-Ideal Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium (VLE) Modeled by the Margules Equation

Add a Component to a Mixture with an Azeotrope

Adiabatic Flash Drum with Binary Liquid Feed

T-x-y and x-y Diagrams for
Binary VLE in Flash Drum

DePriester Chart for Hydrocarbons

Construct P-x-y Diagram
for VLE

Construct T-x-y Diagram
for VLE

Ternary Components

Basic Ternary Phase Diagram

Right and Equilateral Triangle Ternary Phase Diagrams

Ternary Phase Diagram with Phase Envelope

Ternary Phase Diagram with Alternate Phase Envelope

Hunter-Nash Method for Liquid-Liquid Extraction (LLE)

Liquid-Liquid Extraction on a Right-Triangle Ternary Phase Diagram

Construct Single-Stage,
Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Apply the Hunter-Nash Method
to Liquid-Liquid Extraction
Draw Liquid-Liquid Equilibria
Designed by T. Bánsági & T. L. Rodgers
Created by T. Bánsági
Single-Stage Extraction
Designed by T. Bánsági & T. L. Rodgers
Created by T. Bánsági
Multi-Stage Extraction:
Hunter-Nash Method

Designed by T. Bánsági & T. L. Rodgers
Created by T. Bánsági


Multi-stage Batch Distillation

McCabe-Thiele Method for Methanol/Water Separation

How to Use the McCabe-Thiele Method for Fractional Distillation

Feed Stages in a Distillation Column

Construct A McCabe Thiele
Diagram for Distillation

Solving Mass Balances on a Distillation Column

Construct an x-y Diagram for Flash Distillation

Batch Distillation

Simple Batch Distillation of an Ethanol-Water Mixture

Prepared by H. Binous, M. Al Harthi, and B. G. Higgins

Multistage Batch Distillation with Azeotrope


Fugacities in a Can of Soda

Fugacity from Equation of State for Water

Fugacity as a Driving Force for Mass Transfer

Phase Equilibrium in a Pure Fluid/Phase Diagrams

Single-Component P-V and T-V Diagrams

Phase Behavior on a Pressure-Volume Diagram

Injecting a Liquid into an Evacuated Tank

Partially Miscible and Immiscible Solutions

Vapor-Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium (VLLE)

Partially Miscible Liquids

Temperature-Composition Diagram for Immiscible Liquids

Solid-Solid-Liquid Equilibrium

Immiscible Liquids on Pressure-Composition Diagram

Construct P-x-y Diagram
for Immiscible Liquids

Construct T-x-y Diagram
for Immiscible Liquids


Diffusion in Solids

Steady-State Binary
Fickian Diffusion

Drug Delivery

Unsteady-State Interphase

Prepared by H. Binous

Membrane Separations

Reverse Osmosis

Membrane Concentration Profile

Separation of CO2 and CH4
Using Well-Mixed Gas Permeation

Prepared by H. Binous and A. Bellagi

Enriching Oxygen in Air by
Cross-Flow Membrane Permeation

Prepared by H. Binous and A. Bellagi

Absorption/Stripping Columns

Stripping Column Operation

Construct an x-y Diagram for
an Absorption Column

Construct an x-y Diagram for
a Stripping Column

Operation of an Absorption


Langmuir Isotherms for a Binary Mixture

Multiple-Effect Evaporation
of Sugar Solution

Cryogenic Recovery of Acetone
from Air

Prepared by H. Binous and A. Bellagi