Simple Batch Distillation of an Ethanol-Water Mixture
Prepared by H. Binous, M. Al-Harthi, and B. G. Higgins

An equimolar binary mixture of ethanol and water is to be separated in a still pot, which initially contains 0.575 kmol of the mixture. You can set the operating pressure, P, of this simple batch distillation experiment, where P can vary from 700 to 900 mmHg so that the ideal gas-phase assumption holds.

This Demonstration plots the temperature of the liquid in the still, Ts, and the temperature of the distillate (i.e., condensed vapor exiting from the still), TD, versus time (green and magenta curves, respectively). As expected, TD lags behind Ts because the distillate is richer in ethanol.

In addition, you can see the plots of the composition in the still, xS, and in the distillate, xD. For this transient problem, computations include both the mass and the energy balance equations. For higher total pressure values, the temperature profiles are shifted to higher values. A constant-heating policy of the still pot is used with .

Download the CDF file to view the simulation using the free Wolfram CDF player.