Material & Energy Balances Interactive Simulations

Simulations whose names are in blue will play in most browsers, but most were programmed in Mathematica, and the CDF versions, which can be downloaded, are significantly faster and can be used offline with the Wolfram CDF plug-inThe QUIZ simulations follow a step-by-step procedure that requires user input.  Most simulations are also available at Wolfram Demonstration Project. Contact us at with questions or suggestions.

Material Balances

Reactor with Recycle

Evaporative Crystallization With Recycle

Solving Mass Balances on a Distillation Column

Mass Balances in Evaporative Crystallization

Mass Balance in the Haber Process
Prepared by H. Binous, M. M. Hossain and A. Bellagi

Degree-of-Freedom Analysis on a Distillation Process

Energy Balances/Material and Energy Balances
Bernoulli Equation
and Pipe Flow

Material and Energy Balance in a Reactor with Heat Exchange

Operation of an Air Conditioner
Prepared by H. Binous and A. Bellagi

Adiabatic Humidification
Prepared by H. Binous and A. Bellagi

Adiabatic Flame Temperature

Temperature Changes in
an Ideal Gas

Heat Balance in Freezing and Thawing Food
Prepared by M. D. Normand and M. Peleg

Single-Component Phase Properties

Reading a Psychrometric Chart

Injecting a Liquid into an Evacuated Tank

Compressibility Factor Charts

Pressure-Temperature Phase Diagram for Water

PhET Simulation: Gas Properties
PhET Interactive Simulations
University of Colorado

Phase Behavior on a Pressure-Volume Diagram

Multi-Component Phase Equilibrium

Visualization of Vapor-Liquid
Equilibrium in a Binary Mixture

Gibbs Phase Rule for One- and
Two-Component Systems

Prepared by S. M. Blinder

Vapor Pressure of Binary Solutions

Prepared by S. M. Blinder

P-x-y and T-x-y Diagrams for VLE

Construct P-x-y Diagram
for VLE

Construct T-x-y Diagram
for VLE

Lever Rule Applied to the Benzene-Toluene Vapor Pressure Diagram

Prepared by L. M. Goss

Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Diagram
for Non-Ideal Mixture

Adding One Component to a Binary VLE Mixture

Mass Balances for Binary VLE

DePriester Chart for Hydrocarbons

Flash Distillation of a Benzene, Toluene, p-Xylene Mixture
Prepared by H. Binous, M. Al-Harthi, and B. G. Higgins

Adiabatic Flash Drum with
Binary Liquid Feed

Basic Ternary Phase Diagram

Ternary Phase Diagram with Phase Envelope

Ternary Phase Diagram with
Alternate Phase Envelope
Draw Liquid-Liquid Equilibria
Designed by T. Bánsági & T. L. Rodgers
Created by T. Bánsági

Right and Equilateral Triangle
Ternary Phase Diagrams


Henry's Law for Gases
Dissolved in Water