Student Resources

Suggested screencasts, books, and websites to improve study habits and learning based on the psychology of learning. 

Screencasts demonstrate how to use POLYMATH software to solve systems of ordinary differential equations and systems of nonlinear algebraic equations. It also solves systems of linear equations and does nonlinear regression. The POLYMATH software files are available to download. 
Developed by Michael B. Cutlip, University of Connecticut; Mordechai Shacham, Ben-Gurion University of Negev, Israel.

Over 100 pieces of chemical engineering equipment described, plus overview of process safety and many ChE processes. 

A major difficulties in STEM education is the difficulty that students have in becoming engaged with the concepts and developing deeper comprehension. Our solution is the integration of comics into the curriculum as supportive teaching tools.

Suggested review screencasts for the FE chemical engineering exam.

A list of helpful screencasts and their corresponding spreadsheet files.

App for iPhone and iPad featuring equations and data used by chemical engineers, chemists, and other engineering disciplines. 
Developed by Jason E. Bara, University of Alabama.