Partial Molar Enthalpy
The molar enthalpy of a binary mixture of A and B is plotted as a function of the mole fraction of component A. The end points of the molar enthalpy are the pure-component enthalpies (HA and HB). The partial molar enthalpies HA and HB, are obtained by drawing a tangent line at the black point (indicating the mole fraction of the solution). The intersections of this tangent with the y axis at xA = 0 and xA = 1 correspond to HB and HA, respectively. You can change the mole fraction of A in the mixture with the slider. For an ideal solution (non-ideal parameter = 0), the enthalpy of the mixture is a linear function of the molar enthalpies of the pure components. For a non-ideal solution, you can vary a parameter that represents the deviation from ideality.

Download the CDF file to view the simulation using the free Wolfram CDF player.