Gas-Phase Chemical Equilibrium at Constant Pressure or Constant Volume

Download the CDF file to view the simulation using the free Wolfram CDF player.

This Demonstration calculates the number of moles at equilibrium for a gas-
phase reaction A ↔ rB, where A and B are ideal gases; the value of r (1/2, 1, 3/2, 
or 2) is selected with buttons. Initially the container is filled with 5 mol of 
reactant A, and equilibrium is obtained at either constant pressure (the pressure 
is set with a slider) or constant volume (the starting pressure is set with a slider). The bar graph displays the number of moles at equilibrium, including the moles 
of inert gas (the moles of inert are selected with a slider). The height of the 
piston is proportional to the final volume.