Heat Transfer Interactive Simulations

CDF Simulations: Simulations whose names are in blue will play in most browsers, but most were programmed in Mathematica, and the CDF versions, which can be downloaded, are significantly faster and can be used offline with the Wolfram CDF plug-inThe QUIZ simulations follow a step-by-step procedure that requires user input.  Most simulations are also available at Wolfram Demonstration Project. Contact us at learncheme@gmail.com with questions or suggestions.

Conduction through a
Composite Wall

Heat Generation and Conduction
through Composite Walls

Identify Temperature Profiles for Heat Generation or Conduction through Composite Walls

Transient Conduction Through
a Plane Wall

Heat Transfer Through a Cylinder

Parallel and Counterflow
Heat Exchangers

Parallel Plate Heat Exchanger

Prepared by C. Gruesbeck

Heat Transfer Between Flowing Liquids in Cylindrical Tubes

Prepared by C. Gruesbeck

Heat Transfer in Fins

Heat Transfer and Temperature
Distribution in a Fin

Heat Transfer in a
Bank of Tubes

Melting Ice

Injecting Water into
Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

Combined Free and
Forced Convection

Effect of Wind Chill on
Skin Temperature

Cooking a Turkey

Energy Transfer between
Two Blackbodies

Radiation Shielding of a
Spherical Black Body

MATLAB Simulations: Download and use with MATLAB software or download executable file (see individual simulation page for details). For an overview of MATLAB, visit MathWorks.

Steady-State 1D Heat Transfer in a Plane Wall

Lumped Capacitance Model
vs Full Model

Temperature Profile in a Fin

Laminar Flow over a Flat Plate

Heat Exchanger

Interactive heat transfer simulations developed by Charles Xie at the Concord Consortium. 

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