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LearnChemE features chemical engineering education resources prepared by faculty for use by students and instructors. The resources were produced by the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU) and funded by the National Science Foundation (Grants DUE 0920640, DUE 1322300, and DUE 1244183), Shell, Chevron, the CU Engineering Excellence Fund, the CU Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, and the CU College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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Project Team, University of Colorado

  • Dr. John L. Falconer: Mel and Virginia Clark Professor Emeritus, President's Teaching Scholar
  • Dr. J. Will Medlin: Denver Business Challenge Endowed Professor
  • Dr. Janet deGrazia: Teaching Professor Emeritus
  • Katherine P. McDanel: Project Assistant
  • Michelle L. Medlin: Project Assistant
  • Kimberly R. Bourland: Project Assistant (former team member)
  • Dr. Nathan S. Nelson (former team member)
  • Dr. Garret D. Nicodemus (former team member)
  • Michael Holmberg: former team member
  • Audrey Schaiberger: former team member
Screencast and ConcepTest Contributors

  • Dr. Marina Miletic: Screencasts, UI Urbana-Champaign/UNM ChemE
  • Dr. Michael Senra: Screencasts, Lafayette College
  • Dr. Jeffrey S. Knutsen: Screencasts & ConcepTests, CU Boulder MechE
  • Dr. Charles R. Nuttelman: Screencasts & ConcepTests, CU Boulder ChemE
  • Dr. Michael R. Shirts: Screencasts, CU Boulder ChemE
  • Dr. Bradley J. Berron: Screencasts, UK ChemE
  • Dr. Christopher R. Anderson: Screencasts, Lafayette College
  • Dr. Victor M. Ugaz: Screencasts, Texas A&M
  • Dr. James K. Ferri: Screencasts, Lafayette College
  • Dr. Tracy Gardner: Screencasts, Colorado School of Mines
  • Dr. Daria Kotys-Schwartz: Screencasts, CU Boulder MechE
  • Dr. Charles B. Musgrave: Screencasts, CU Boulder ChemE
  • Dr. H. Scott Fogler: ConcepTests, UMich ChemE
  • Dr. Stephanie J. Bryant: ConcepTests, CU Boulder ChemE
  • Dr. Wendy M. Young: ConcepTests, CU Boulder ChemE
  • Dr. William Curtis Conner, Jr.: ConcepTests, UMass ChemE
  • Dr. Martha Grover: Screencasts, Georgia Tech
  • Dr. Eva Chi: ConcepTests, University of New Mexico
  • Dr. John D. Clay: Screencsats, Ohio State University
  • Dr. Jeff Gray: ConcepTests, Johns Hopkins University
Interactive Simulations Contributors

  • Primary Contributors:
    • Rachael Baumann
    • Neil C. Hendren
    • Dr. John L. Falconer
    • Dr. Garret D. Nicodemus
  • Megan MaGuire
  • Derek Machalek
  • Garrison Vigil
  • Michael Wrobel
  • Jon Barbieri
  • Adam Johnson
  • Dr. Nathan S. Nelson
  • Majed N. Aldossary
  • Dr. Keith Regner
  • Dr. Martha Grover, Georgia Tech
  • Paul Js Chrastina
  • Nick Bongiardina
  • Rachael Saker 
  • Mathew L. Williams 
  • Muqbil Alkhalaf
Interactive Self-Study Modules Contributors

  • Dr. John Falconer
  • Dr. Janet deGrazia
  • Ryan Smyth
  • Kimberly R. Bourland
  • Michelle L. Medlin
Other Project Contributors

Project assessment: Dr. Mark Werner, Kate Allison, Dr. Mark Gammon (University of Colorado Boulder, OIT), Dr. Stephanie Chasteen (ScienceGeekGirl Enterprises)

Special thanks to Edmond Johnsen and Cuining Liu for website design support.

Undergraduates: Dominic Adducci, Ben Greuel, Jack Martineau, Emily O'Morrow, Victoria Duke, Isaac Dillon, Hannah Kim, Massiel Puentes, Joel Bozekowski, Natanya Cooper, Gregory Russi, Xiao Ba, Isabella Funke, Zachary Gibbs, Cuining Liu, Ellena Vo, Savannah Whitfield, Charles Musgrave 3rd

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