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Screencasts are short screen captures of a tablet PC with narration. More than 1,600 screencasts are available. They include example problems with solutions, explanations of concepts, software tutorials, introduction to topics, diagram descriptions, and reviews. Many screencasts are organized by textbook table of contents. 

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Interactive Simulations
More than 185 chemical engineering simulations are available. They allow the user to determine how system behavior changes when variables are changed. The Mathematica simulations should be downloaded and run using the free Wolfram CDF player.

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Student Resources

This section contains resources on how to study/learn and suggested screencasts for FE exam preparation. It also contains screencasts that demonstrate POLYMATH software use and the corresponding POLYMATH files.
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Interactive Self-Study Modules

These modules are for topics in thermodynamics and material and energy balances courses. Modules are being prepared for fluids and separations courses. Most modules include: introduction, ConcepTests, short introductory screencasts with questions, important equations, interactive simulations with questions, quiz-yourself simulations, example problem screencasts, and summary.

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Step-by-Step Interactive Simulations

These simulations use a step-by-step procedure in which the user inputs an answer for each step, and then checks the “solution box” to see the correct answer. The user then either continues to the next step. These simulations are useful for thermodynamics, separations, or material and energy balances courses.

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Instructor Resources

More than 2,000 ConcepTests are available. These conceptual questions can be used with peer instruction to improve functional understanding while allowing instructors to gauge students' understanding. OneNote-based course packages are available for three courses; they contain class notes, ConcepTests, reading assignments, screencast recommendations, homework problems, and exam questions.