Adding a Second Component to a Fixed-Volume Container
A constant-volume tank initially contains one component in the vapor phase (either n-octane or n-hexane), and you can add the other component at constant temperature using a slider. A second slider changes the temperature. Select the component to be added with buttons. The pressure-composition (P-x-y) diagram has a blue line for the bubble pressure and an orange curve for the dew-point pressure. The black dot is located at the overall composition and the pressure. When two phases are present, the n-hexane mole fractions of the liquid phase (x1, blue dot) and the vapor phase (y1, orange dot) are displayed. The bar graph represents the number of moles of each component in the liquid and the vapor phase; purple is for n-hexane and green is for n-octane.

Download the CDF file to view the simulation using the free Wolfram CDF player.