Construct a Conversion-Temperature Diagram for a Reversible Adiabatic Reaction
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A reversible reaction, A ↔ B, takes place in an adiabatic plug-flow reactor (PFR). Construct a conversion-versus-temperature diagram by plotting the energy balance and equilibrium lines. The energy balance line is plotted first for a feed that contains only reactant A, and then it is plotted for a feed that also contains an inert component. Click the "new problem" button for a new set of conditions. Before moving on to the next step, check "solution" to see the answer. Once you check "solution", you cannot change your answer.

For the reversible reaction A ↔ B with both reactant A and inert component I in the adiabatic PFR feed, the equilibrium constant is:
where Km is the equilibrium constant at temperature Tm (K), Δ His the heat of reaction (J/mol), R is the ideal gas constant (J/mol K), and T is the temperature of the reaction (K).

The equilibrium conversion is obtained from the equilibrium constant, assuming ideal gases:
where Xe is the equilibrium conversion, XEB is the conversion calculated from the energy balance, α is the ratio in the molar flow rate of inert to reactant, CP is the heat capacity (J/mol K), and Tf is the feed temperature (K).