Flow from a Tank at Constant Height
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This Demonstration calculates and displays the volumetric and mass flow rates of a liquid maintained at a constant height in a tank as a function of the liquid's height h and density ρ, the drain pipe's diameter d and the discharge (orifice) coefficient c0. It also plots the volumetric flow rate curve as a function of the liquid's height for the chosen drain diameter and discharge coefficient values and displays a schematic diagram of the system. The discharge (orifice) coefficient c0 characterizes the relationship between actual flow and ideal flow through an orifice. An orifice with discharge coefficient of 1.0 behaves as if pressure drop across the orifice (ΔP) is zero. An orifice with a discharge coefficient near zero restricts flow significantly, even at large pipe diameters.

Edited from a Wolfram Demonstration contributed by: M. D. Normand, M. G. Corradini, and M. Peleg (March 2011)  
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA